Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Alarumist, and how does it benefit traders?
A: Alarumist is a SAAS service that consolidates TradingView alerts into a single platform. This powerful tool allows traders to streamline their activities, saving time and providing a seamless trading experience.
Q: How does Alarumist consolidate alerts from TradingView?
A: Alarumist acts as a centralized hub, bringing together alerts from TradingView, eliminating the need to monitor multiple sources individually. This consolidation not only saves time but also ensures a seamless trading experience.
Q: What communication channels does Alarumist support for receiving alerts?
A: Alarumist supports various channels, including Telegram, Alertatron, 3Commas, Email, and custom URLs, offering flexibility to traders based on their preferences and trading style.
Q: Can alerts be configured based on specific criteria?
A: Yes, traders can configure alerts based on time range, alert order of sequence, and whether an alert is optional or required for a group.
Q: How does Alarumist ensure security and reliability?
A: Alarumist prioritizes data security and reliability, employing industry-standard security measures and maintaining a robust infrastructure to protect user data and ensure a reliable service.
Q: How easy is it to set up Alarumist, and what kind of interface does it offer?
A: Setting up Alarumist is straightforward, requiring traders to connect their TradingView account and set the webhook URL. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage alerts, customize settings, and access additional features.
Q: Can Alarumist aggregate multiple TradingView alerts over a span of time?
A: Yes, Alarumist allows you to combine multiple alerts from TradingView over a specified time span and send a consolidated alert.
Q: Will an alert trigger only if multiple alerts are received simultaneously?
A: No, the designated time range determines the required timeframe between the arrival of the first and last alerts. If all alerts occur within this specified time frame, the alert will trigger.
Q: Can I combine TradingView, Alarumist, and MQL5?
A: MQL5 does not have built-in features for receiving webhooks, so it cannot be used in conjunction with Alarumist.