TradingView to Telegram:

1. After login, In the left menu press “Create New Alert”.
Create New Alert
2. Add Symbol and Alert Description.
Select alert type Telegram.
Choose the timeframe and the number of alerts you want to aggregate from TradingView.
Add Message for each alert (not mandatory).
New Alert
3. Now, Open TradingView, create a new alert, and copy/paste the "Webhook URL" and the "Message" for each alert.
Use the Copy icon to copy the content (the prefix for each message is mandatory).
Alert 1:
Tradingview alert
Tradingview alert
Repeat the process with other alerts.
4. Return to Alarumist page and press "Save Alert". You should see the alerts table.
5. Go to the Integration page and follow the instructions.
Telegram Integration
6. You done. Enjoy.